Sidi Mansour Piccell Edit w/ Frau Beji

Sidi Mansour Piccell Edit w/ Frau Beji

We're excited to announce another release with Frau Beji ! 

This track is a remix of the popular Tunisian song "Sidi Mansour" by Saber Rebaï , which went viral in the 2000s. It's a song that almost every Arabic-speaking person knows or has heard in their lifetime. It has been subject to many covers in Arabic and many other languages.

Our remix features afroelectronic sounds, enriched with analog acid nuances and Tunisian lyrics, creating a bridge between African electronic dance music and Arabic/oriental vibes. We’ve created something truly special ✨

Enjoy the track and have a lot of fun bumping this one in the clubs and festivals much love from Dortmund in Germany 💛

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